lAstronomy for kids and beginners – Buy a telescope

,Cheap Foamposites
t do you have to know if you want to buy the first telescope for you or for your kid,Lebron 10?

I want to answer to this question giving you some easy advises to avoid the buying of something that shortly you’ll store in a vault.

There are some important questions and the answers to this questions are very important to understand what you can buy and what you must not buy.

The answers to some easy questions like:

What do you know?

Where do you live?

What do you want to see,Foamposites?

How much money do you want to spend?

What I want to do is to create a simple step by step knowledge guide to help you,Lebron James Shoes.

First of all you must consider what you can (perhaps) see and what you can never see.

The first enemy is the disappointment,Jordan retro 5.

Perhaps you or your kids were attracted to buy a telescope by the amazing images taken by professional astronomers.

Almost everyone has seen the wonderful NASA pictures captured by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and so perhaps one claim to see through a telescope lens such a wonderment.

Unfortunately colors of galaxies and nebulae in professional pictures come from false colors pictures. Astronomers take some images of an astronomical target using several filters to see the chemical composition of the object and than they artificially color the images overlapping them and obtaining the amazing effect.

So,Foamposites For Sale, through a telescope lens you can see beautiful scenes, but nothing like the professional pictures.

Other important topic is that,Nike Lebron 10, if you live in a polluted city, you’ll never see galaxies and nebulae and so you must avoid instruments expressly built for the vision of faint objects.

Next topic is the knowledge.

Some computerized telescopes ask you, for the initial setting, that you point to some famous stars that you must recognize in the sky at a glace,New Jordans 2013.

So, when you must have also a decent knowledge of stars and constellations.

My advice is that you buy an astronomy map and spend a night recognizing celestial objects.

Another good idea is an astronomy magazine subscription, or you can read a beginners astronomy book.

Next step is to consider that a telescope consists of two pieces.

The mount.

The optics.

Both are important.

The three movement of a mount are:

The azimutal movement, a movement parallel to the ground.

The altitude movement, a movement perpendicular to the ground.

The equatorial movement a movement parallel to the path of the sun at the equinoxes.

Azimutal and altitude movements characterize the Altazimutal Mount, while the equatorial movement characterize the Equatorial Mount.

The equatorial mount is a good professional mount, not easy to set, as requires a good initial polar alignment.

The altazimutal computerized mount has an easy initial set and so (I think) is the best for a beginner.

Optics are characterized by:

Aperture, the measure of the telescope lens, Focal Length, that roughly is the distance between the lens and your eye and the ratio between these two values, called Focal Ratio.

Different optics configurations are, for instance, refractor, Newtonian, Smith Cassegrain and so on…

In my opinion, good instrument for beginners are Newtonian or Smith Cassegrain telescopes with a f/10 Focal Ratio.

Last element is the lens size which is approximately direct proportional to the total instrument weight.

Learn more reading the easy instructions in my site.

My name is Walter (Walty for friends). By profession, I’m a mathematic, statistic and software engineer.

By avocation I’m an astronomy lover.

Here my telescope buying site:

Here to know me better: /

Here to contact me:

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