The Conciergerie Prisonhttp://sacvuitton2013webscom/ the Earliest Settlement Known as the Île de la Cité and Enjoy its Breathtaking AttractionsWhen travelling to lovely Paris, make sure to seek out one of its foremost attractions known as the Île de la Cité – considered a natural island within the city. This place was once regarded as the epicentre of France and it now serves as a great part of history, culture and attraction. This magnificent natural island within the city of Paris is a renowned landmark. Boasting many attractions within its vicinity, some that include age-old palaces, churches and buildings, are among the must-sees here.

Sightseers to the Île de la Cité can explore the historical island and its attractions in any order and to cater to all types of foreign speaking travellers, many tour guides are available and ready to take you on a guided expedition around the earliest possible settlement in Paris. With many ancient buildings and bridges structured here, some noteworthy attractions a visitor can discover are The Pont Neuf also known as the New Bridge and the bronze statue of Henry IV is also a classic attraction to see. However, the original statue of Henry IV was destroyed during the French revolution in 1792 and rebuilt using the surviving shreds in 1818.

A spectacle at the Île de la Cité is the Seine River – a picturesque river stream that overlooks the island and houses a number of ships,Explore the Earliest Settlement Known as the, boats and paddleboats that could be utilized for a 360-panaromic view of the island if interested. Other attractions within the Île de la Cité are the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, The Conciergerie Prison, Louis IX’s Sainte-Chapelle and the Ancien Cloître are among the beautiful landmarks here.

Another must see at the island is the Deportation Memorial for the many French victims in the Nazi concentration camps during the cold World War II. This sight is made up of over 200,000-lit light crystals on a dark wall depicting the exterminated. Also, a single light flickering is placed – to say that some of these people killed were to this date unknown.

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