A day at the track

A day at the track Jordan Retro 8
„I took my 300ZX out on the track last weekend Phoenix Suns 8s. What a blaZt Jordan Phoenix Suns 8! I was especially pleased to use my blaZt data cable and software to keep a close eye on the temperature. As most of you will know, the temperature gauge on the dash is very inaccurate on these cars. The needle doesn’t tend to move between 70 and 100 degC. So I had my laptop strapped to the passenger seat with a big temperature gauge displaying the exact temperature.
Last year when I took the car round the track the temperature was displaying 105degC and took 15-20min to cool down to below 100degC! This was not acceptable, so I changed the radiator to a custom aluminium job for $200. This time the temperature reached a maximum of 94degC and only took one cool down lap and 10min to cool down to 84degC. Very efficient.
There is no doubt in my mind that the task of measuring my temperature and comparing would have been an absolute mission without the blaZt data cable. With the blaZt data cable I can simply plug it into the standard diagnostics port of the car, plug my laptop in and away I go. 2 clicks on the mouse pad and I have the temperature displaying the exact value. This can also be displayed in DegF.
All blaZt cables carry a 3 year warranty and are built to last. I would recommend a blaZt cable for all Nissan owners. www.blazt.biz

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