A Good 2007 Start For Audi

A Good 2007 Start For Audi
Last year Jordan Retro 8, 2006 Jordan Phoenix Suns 8, saw Audi recording sales figures surpassing that of the preceding year Phoenix Suns 8s. They have performed better in terms of sales 9 months out of 12 compared to 2004 sale figures.

This trend continues when the company’s January sales for this year bested last year’s sales for the same period. As a matter of fact, the figure today shows that last month was the best January in the entire history of the company. Sales have increased by 5.2 percent compared to January sales of 2006 which translates to 6,399 vehicles sold by the American arm of the car manufacturer. This start to the year is a great boost that the company hopes will continue for the remainder of the year.

The great performance of the company last year, which saw them achieve record sales figures, gave it a lot of momentum upon entering the year. The Executive Vice-President of Audi America, Inc., Johan de Nysschen declared that “Audi has a great deal of momentum as we enter 2007. We’re coming off record sales in 2006, residual values on our new vehicles are, on average, the best in the luxury set, and the R8 sports car is generating great deal of interest in the brand”. And indeed, the Audi R8 is creating waves in the automobile industry following its appearances on auto shows as the star of the Audi lineup.

Helping the Audi R8 to further improve sales figures for the company are the Audi S8, RS4 Avant, RS4 Cabriolet and the all-new Audi TT Coupe. The instant popularity of the Audi R8 sports car shows in the 32 pre-orders that Audi has received for the sports coupe. Other cars that will be launched this year by the company include the Roadster version of the TT Coupe, and the A5 coupe which the company hopes will generate more interest in the brand. With that formidable lineup and the luxurious reputation that Audi has, the company looks set to make another record-breaking year. The increase in the choices of great cars from Audi will only mean good news to the company’s huge buyer base.

The company’s record-breaking January sales figures is due to the popularity of their A4 models. The sales of this model have jumped up by 11.8 percent from the previous year. The Audi Q7 still delivers showing good sales figures of 1,636 units sold. The Michigan-based arm of the German company has increased their sales in different regions that translate to the strong sales figure nationwide. The biggest gain by Audi of America comes from the Pacific Northwest area which shows a 60.7 percent growth from last year.

The parent company based in Ingolstadt, Germany welcomes this sales figure from their American arm. Their sales in the US market are consistent with their performance in the global market. Globally, they have attained their 11th consecutive year of record growth which saw them selling 960,000 units of their vehicles all over the world. Their success in the global market is evident in their 2006 sales in Australia which have increased by 20 percent. Indeed, the upward surge of their sales figure seems to give the company an aura of being unstoppable. Just like their cars, they are pushing forward so fast that it would take high performance brake parts from Active Brakes Direct to stop their momentum. But stopping their momentum is nowhere near their foresight which means that this growth on their sales will not be stopping soon.

The luxury cars being marketed by Audi of America are built on Audi’s assembly plants on different countries over the world – namely Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and China.

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