sko rea nike free Help out with Hinges

Help out with Hinges

Advice about Hinges

I guess my question is possibly more centred around the use of hinge controllers with the smoothness physics body from the JigLib game, Which doesn’t seem to be earning a living for me sko rea nike free.

I’m attempting create a cartoony character with a tongue that can grapple onto objects and be swung from. I’ve had no issue setting up the tongue – I used some boxes connected together in a chain to set-up rope-Prefer physics welche nike free schuhe sind am besten, And made my own mesh around it that deforms properly nike free red.

I’m now having troubles connecting this tongue to the character Using a hinge between the type body and one end of the tongue doesn’t work. The physics engine seems to become overloaded and my game decreases to a halt.

I’ve tried using the ‘MoveTo’ function with the box on the end of the tongue so that it’s permantly assignd to the positioning of the character, But this changes the physics – my character is not suspended when looking to swing, He falls and elongates the tongue, Towing the hinges apart nike free 4.0.

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